Why doesn't the Sprayer turn on?

1. Remove battery & reattach to sprayer. 2. Charge battery. 3. Disconnect & reconnect all 5 electrical connections coming out of the pump.

Why is the Sprayer leaking from the tank area?

1. Remove screws and remove the plastic covering to expose pump. Loosen clamps on both hoses, position hose closer to pump and retighten hose clamp.

Why is the Pump / Hose / Nozzle / Gun / Wand of the sprayer clogged?

1. Rinse sprayer thoroughly with warm, soapy water after each use. 2. Run gasonline through the sprayer to break up clogs.

Why is the Sprayer leaking from the nozzle/ nozzle area?

1. Inspect all seals & replace of necessary. 2. Contact FlowZone at +1 803-339-250 for replacement part.

Why did a random part of the Sprayer break?

1. Contact X-Stream at +1 803-330-2500 for replacement parts.